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I love this game (both of them!), and I love Awesome, so these go together like cake and fat guys. Great job, Egoraptor. Oh, and "COFFEE FOR EVERYONE!"


That was hilarious, and Avenue Q rocks. Great job.

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Four words


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"I'm'a going to fly for you!"

VVRRRRRMMM! (Imitating Mario's head form "Mario Teaches Typing 2 there, cause this reminded me of it.)

This game was great. My one question is, at the end of the game, at the bottom of the screen it says "Remember 11249" in very small, dull letters. What does that mean?


Dude, this made me LuLz probably a billion times. Great work.

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This is by far the best game I have found on NG

I love this game. I have played it hundreds of times, and it never gets old. I love how you included the "LAZOR" phrases. Great game guys.

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This... this is suprisingly good!

Don't get me wrong, it's not nearly as tranquil as some of your other tunes, but it's definitely enjoyable.

I agree that the scratches do in fact get a little grating over time, but it's livable. I like how it isn't entirely in 8-bit, but rather, how the melody is in that format and the percussion is laid over top of it.

I've never actually listened to the original, and I'm way to lazy to go digging through all of your other songs to find it, so I can't exactly state my views on the remix aspect of the song (with those said views being non-existent, and all.) Aside from that though, this is a very good piece of music. Excellent work Chronamut.

Chronamut responds:

glad you likedi t man - as for tranquil - well I can't make ALL my stuff tranquil otherwise i'd become horribly predictable :P

I actually like the fact I'm not getting all tens n this song.. as for the scratches - I find it's just the beginning ones that annoy me the most.. but oh well - like oyu said - you learn to live with them :P

thanks for the review!


I agree with everyone else.

This would fit well with the Blue Blur. Good, nonetheless.?

*sighs and closes eyes, enjoying the music*

I could sit and listen to this stuff for hours. You're really good man. But unfortunately, you said all praise goes to Chopin, so I guess I need to give him the credit. Sorry...

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Yes, yes, that does very much happen to me.

It sucks when your "good friend" Inspiration just doesn't want to pay you a visit, doesn't it?
This is by far one of my favorite pieces in the Art Portal. The fact that it's done in colored pencil just makes it even more awesome (it is done in colored pencil, right? If it's not, I feel like an idiot.)
This is a great work of art, my friend. Nice job.

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ScorpianX0 responds:

lol, thanks ^^, And yes, it is colored pencil : P


That's just plain scary. Though that's what makes it awesome.


Personally, I believe that if he transformed, he would look like a Mario version of Weegee. I mean, no-one dares go near the Werehog, just like nobody will look at Weegee. It would work. It just needs to be Mario-fied.

If you must know about me, I'm an amateur Anthro artist who strives to be better. MORE? *sigh* Fine. Favorite Artist: Jay Naylor(http://www.ja ynaylor.com/) Favorite Website: Fur Affinity Favorite Podcast: Anthromedia(http://w ww.anthropodcast.com /forums

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